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What's New
October 16, 2014
4 Weeks left to Upload your Events from your Account

In line with our planned and gradual phase-out of BuddyCalc PRO, the website will go offline mid November 2014. Please upload all your remaining events in your personal account to your computer before this date or the data will be lost and we will not be able to recover it for you. To upload the information please login to your account and then select "My Events/Export Events/My Own Events". Choose the format (CSV or Excel) and start the export/upload by clicking on the respective icon.

September 30, 2014
BuddyCalc not compatible with iOS 8.0 on iPhone

As already announced previously - all registered users received an e-mail too - BuddyCalc PRO has NOT been optimized for use with iOS8.0! The App is being phased out and no longer in the Store. If you upgraded to iOS8.0 or intend to do so soon, please note that BuddyCalc PRO does no longer work properly on iPhone (cannot add expenses, pull down selections do not work). If you have this problem, reset the App/iPhone (power off/on) and go back into the App but this time use the SYNC function (in menu 'More') to upload your existing events to the website (you need to be registered first!) so you can recuperate your data (using the EXPORT function on the website).
We have also installed BuddyCalc PRO on iPad 4 with iOS8.0 and on iPad this problem is not there, so iPad users can continue to use BuddyCalc PRO for the moment, although a flawless operation is not guanranteed either.

Please remember to export all you events from your personal account on ASAP.
The site will be taken offline mid November 2014.

The BuddyCalc Team

September 18, 2014
iOS 8.0 has arrived - BuddyCalc is Phased-Out!

In line with our announcements about the phase out of BuddyCalc PRO, please note the App has NOT been optimized for use with iOS8.0. if you upgraded to iOS8.0 or intend to do so soon, please note that we do not guarantee BuddyCalc to run flawlessly on iOS8.0. Our own (limited) tests indicate that you will most likely be able to use the core functionality of BuddyCalc even after an upgrade to iOS8.0, but we will no longer provide support for iOS8.0. Thank you for your understanding. Please remember to export all you events from your personal account on ASAP. The site will be taken offline mid November 2014.

The BuddyCalc Team

September 5, 2014
BuddyCalc PRO website OFFLINE soon!

In line with the recent announcement of the planned phase out of BuddyCalc PRO, the App has been removed from the App Store in June. The next step is that we will take the website offline mid November 2014. Please make sure you have 'Exported' all your events to your PC/Mac (either Excel format or CSV) by the end of October. We will be sending out an e-mail to all registered users as well to remind you.

The BuddyCalc Team

June 15, 2014
BuddyCalc PRO support continues

Conform the recent announcement of the planned phase out of BuddyCalc PRO, the App has been removed from the App Store on 15 June 2014. We won’t be signing up new customers anymore, but we will continue to provide support as long as iOS 8 is not yet released. Also, this website will remain "in the air" to allow all our customers to continue to use all Buddycalc features, but also download all archived events to their computer (Excel or CSV format) before the website will be taken offline mid November 2014.

June 4, 2014
BuddyCalc PRO to Phase Out

With the announcement of the next update of its mobile operation system iOS 8 by Apple, we, the BuddyCalc team, decided to limit further investments in the BuddyCalc PRO App.
We won’t be building new features and after 15 June 2014, we won’t be signing up new customers anymore.
Initial tests show that BuddyCalc PRO V2.2 works on iOS 8, but we will not modify BuddyCalc PRO to optimise it for iOS 8 or any iOS updates hereafter.
We will keep the website ‘live’ until 15 November 2014, so you will have access to your account until that time. We will notify you in advance before we take the website offline.
It was an interesting experience for us to develop, design and market BuddyCalc PRO, but the time has come to make a rational decision about the future of BuddyCalc.
We hope you continue to enjoy using BuddyCalc PRO for a little longer, at least until iOS 8 is released.

Thank you!
The BuddyCalc Team

May 15, 2014
BuddyCalc PRO Version 2.2 Released and Ready for Download!

The BuddyCalc team is happy to annouce that as of today (May 15) the new version of BuddyCalc PRO, Version V2.2, is available from the Apple App Store! Please update your version of BuddyCalc as soon as possible to enjoy all the new features. If you experience any problems with BuddyCalc and you are still using an older version of BuddyCalc we advise you to update to the latest version first. You can check your version no. in the More/About section in your App.
For many of us the Summer holiday & travel season is approaching fast, so make sure your download BuddyCalc before you leave home and enjoy your holidays!

April 25, 2014
BuddyCalc PRO Version 2.2 beta testing

The BuddyCalc team is currently busy testing a new version of BuddyCalc PRO ( V2.2). Apart from some bug fixes and minor improvements we have added some additional 'custom currencies' (CU3-CU7) for users who travel through various smaller countries and need to keep track of their expenses. Version 2.2 will also include Push Notifications for users who purchased the in-App functionality to share events with other users. This is one reason we had to migrate the website to another host/server first. Push Notifications will help to keep users of shared events informed about each other's inputs or actions. Of course you can opt to switch them off in your phone settings. We hope to submit version 2.2 to the App Store soon and will keep you informed about our progress.

April 17, 2014 migrated to another host/server

In order to facilitate Push Notifications in BuddyCalc PRO, mainly used when two users are sharing an event, we had to migrate the website to another host/server. While preparations have been going on for some time the 'big day' was yesterday and we had to put the website in maintenance mode for several hours in order to complete the migration. Today we are happy to announce the migration is completed and everything works fine. You can access your account again an retrieve all your events and/or sync your new events to your account as before. Shortly we will submit a new version of BuddyCalc PRO to the App Store. The new version (V2.2) will contain the Push Notifications but also some improvements/bug fixes and additional funbctionality, so please download the newest version at your earliest convenience.
The BuddyCalc Team

March 6, 2014
Notice: E-mail issues Resolved!

The problems with our e-mail servers are solved. You should be able to reach us again by e-mail and also be able send out invitations to your friends from your account on the website (only applicable if you purchased the ’Sharing’ option). Thank you for your patience.
The BuddyCalc Team

March 5, 2014
Notice: Trouble to reach us?

We currently (since March 5) experience some problems with our mail servers. Your e-mails to us may not arrive or they may bounce (delivery failure). We are working to fix this ASAP. Please bare with us and resend your e-mail later. Thank you for your understanding.
The BuddyCalc Team

January 27, 2014
Apple News

With the release of iOS7.1 beta 4 to iOS developers on January 21 the release date of iOS 7.1 to the public comes a bit closer. Apple will probably have another round of beta testing before iOS7.1 will be released to the public, making a March release date a likely possibility for the public version of iOS7.1

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning larger displays on a pair of new iPhones due for release this year. Early rumours suggested that there would be a 4.8in screen, but more recent rumours have suggested that the iPhone 6 could have a 5in screen.

The BuddyCalc Team

January 1, 2014
Happy NewYear!

We wish all BuddyCalc users and their friends and family a wonderful 2014!

The BuddyCalc Team

December 30, 2013
#2 Rank reached in Botswana!

Last week we published BuddyCalc App Store rankings for iPhone. This week we publish the iPad App Store rankings. BuddyCalc has reached the #2 position for iPad in the category 'Finance' in Botswana on Nov. 1, 2013! Other top 10 rankings were recorded in countries in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. With release of BuddyCalc 2 we have changed the App from category 'Travel' to 'Finance' in the App Store, so older ranking are registered in the category Travel. To give you an idea of BuddyCalc's performance, here are some of our top 10 rankings for iPad:

#2, Finance, Botswana, Nov 1 2013
#3, Travel, New Zealand, May 23 2013
#4, Travel, Belgium, Oct 1 2013
#4, Travel, Kenya, Jan 31 2012
#5, Travel, Chile, Sep 17 2013
#5, Travel, The Netherlands, Jul 21 2012
#5, Travel, Philippines, August 30 2013
#6, Finance, Belgium, Oct 25 2013
#8, Travel, Greece, Aug 9 2013
#8, Finance, Dominican Republic, Nov 14 2013
#10, Travel, Colombia, Aug 10 2013
#10, Travel, Czech Republic, Sep 17 2013
#10, Finance, Estonia, Dec 21 2013

Overall we reached a top 100 rank 77 times in 'Travel and 'Finance' combined for iPad. Our best ranking in the United States for iPad was #101, just outside the top 100.

December 24, 2013

#1 Rank reached in St. Vincent and The Grenadines!

Okay, we admit, it's not the biggest country in the world but nevertheless it is noteworthy that BuddyCalc has reached the #1 position for iPhone in the category 'Finance' in St. Vincent and The Grenadines on Dec. 19, 2013! The country may be small but with over one million Apps in the Apple App Store this is still an achievement! With release of BuddyCalc 2 we have changed the App from category 'Travel' to 'Finance' in the App Store, so older ranking are registered in the category Travel. To give you an idea of BuddyCalc's performance,  here are some of our previous noteworthy top 10 rankings:

#1, Finance, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Dec 19 2013
#1, Travel, Botswana, Aug 13 2012
#3, Travel, The Netherlands, July 21 2012
#5, Travel, Belgium, July 21 2012
#6, Travel, Lithuania, Aug 25 2013
#6, Finance, Czech Republic, Oct 4 2013
#7, Travel, India, Oct 1 2013
#10, Finance, the Netherlands, Oct 8 2013
#10, Finance, Moldova, Dec 17 2013
#10, Travel, Portugal, Aug 14 2013

Overall we reached a top 100 rank 66 times in 'Travel and 'Finance' combined. Our best ranking in the United States was #89 of which we are very proud as well.

Next week we will publish our iPad rankings.

December 21, 2013
Exciting News:  US TV-show AppWatch featuring BuddyCalc!

AppWatch is a regular segment on the popular US TV program NewsWatch. AppWatch, dives weekly into the latest apps to become available on your phone or mobile device and on December 19 the program featured BuddyCalc PRO 2!
Watch the clip here. We hope you enjoy the show!

December 11, 2013
BuddyCalc Features in Elsevier App Guide 2014!
Elsevier App Gids
BuddyCalc features in the 2014 App Guide put together by the renomated Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier!
The Elsevier App Guide provides a wide selection of the best apps, suitable for both smartphones and tablets. The editors of Elsevier tested hundreds of apps and reviewed the 445 best, most beautiful and useful, divided into 31 categories, from photography to sports, from travel to health and from news to entertainment.
We are very proud that BuddyCalc is selected as one of these Apps in the category 'Entertainment' !

December 4, 2013
Breaking News: BuddyCalc PRO 2 featured in US TV-show AppWatch!

BuddyCalc PRO 2 will be covered in NewsWatch’s weekly app showcase: AppWatch. This US Nationwide 30 minute TV Broadcast airs in 200 US Markets & 100 Million US Households on both the History Channel and Bio Channel. The show will be on the History Channel at 6AM and on the Bio Channel at 7AM. The show featuring BuddyCalc PRO 2 will be aired on December 19, 2013. If you miss the show, no worries, you can still watch it afterwards!

December 3, 2013
BuddyCalc PRO 2 ready for iOS7.1

Apple is preparing to release iOS7.1. No release date is provided yet but we expect the release before Christmas. As App developers we have received a beta version of iOS7.1 to test our applications. We are happy to announce that BuddyCalc PRO 2 appears to be working just fine with iOS7.1.

November 13, 2013
BuddyCalc PRO Version 2.1 Released in App Store

BuddyCalc PRO version 2.1 is now available for download in the Apple App Store! Version 2.1 fixes a bug related to iOS 7.0.3 when a user deletes an event. We also incorporated a new User Manual (English), dedicated to BuddyCalc Version 2. We recommend all users to update their BuddyCalc App ASAP. BuddyCalc FREE users (this App is no longer in the App Store) can also migratie to BuddyCalc PRO 2 as the basic PRO 2 version is now free.

October 8, 2013
Download BuddyCalc PRO version 2 for FREE!!

We now offer Buddycalc PRO version 2 for FREE in the Apple App Store! This is the opportunity to try out the App for free, nothing, nada. Go ahead and do what BuddyCalc does best:
  • Split the Bill
  • Share costs with friends
  • Share costs with your roommate
  • Share costs with fellow students
  • Use BuddyCalc on your travels
  • Download expenses in Excel
  • and much more.....!
The BuddyCalc Team

October 4, 2013
New BuddyCalc PRO App Version 2 Released Today!
Today our new App, BuddyCalc PRO 2, arrived in the Apple App Store. Customers using a previous version of BuddyCalc PRO can upgrade for free. Please upgrade ASAP to start using the new functions we made available to you in version 2. These functions include:
  • Synchronising your events on all your personal iOS devices (iPad, iPhone,..)
  • Sharing events (in-App purchase) with other BuddyCalc PRO users (iOS devices) - Multi-user!
  • Sorting your expenses by category, friend, date&time or amount
  • "Send Mail" feature (existing): now with the option to add max. 5 attachments (e.g. photos of invoices).
BuddyCalc PRO 2 is also iOS7 ready.
The new version was preceeded with an upgrade of our website to facilitate the new functionality. Therefore it is best to upgrade your copy of BuddyCalc PRO as soon as possible to version 2 as this version is optimized for use with the website (synchronising, sharing, uploading). Happy Cost Sharing!

September 24, 2013
New BuddyCalc Website - New App on its Way!

Today we launched our new website! It will still look very familiar to you and will be easy to navigate, just as the previous version. However, "beneath the surface" there are a lot of changes! We have now added the necessary functionaly to allow you to start synchronizing your events over multiple iOS devices you own (iPad, iPhone, iPod). In addition, you soon will be able to SHARE events with friends or others (e.g. roommates) if they have an iOS device and BuddyCalc PRO installed. This last function will be made available via an in-App purchase. There is more news about the new App which is almost ready to be launched in the Apple App Store, so stay tuned!  Please note that the new website functionality cannot yet be used with the current version (V1.7) of BuddyCalc PRO. You will have to wait until the new version is available. You should therefore not yet try out the new menu item "Synced/Shared Events" until you have the next BuddyCalc PRO installed.  The new App will also be iOS7 ready.
We will keep you informed!

September 23, 2013

BuddyCalc & iOS7.0:

From 18 September, when Apple releases iOS7.0, we will no longer market BuddyCalc FREE (optimised for iOS5 and iOS6) in the Apple App Store. We will continue to support BuddyCalc PRO and plan to release a new version soon with many new exciting functions. The new version of BuddyCalc PRO will also be compatible with iOS7.0 but we will continue to use the existing familiar user interface. Until we release the new version we recommend our BuddyCalc PRO users to continue to work on iOS5/iOS6.

February 14, 2013
St. Valentine's Promotion:
Save $2.99 and download BuddyCalc PRO on February 14!

Who will pay for dinner this time? Ask BuddyCalc!

On February 14, 2013, just for one day, BuddyCalc PRO will be offered for free ($0.00)
in the Apple App Store as a St. Valentine's Day Special!
Try it out over dinner with your true Valentine!

January 22, 2013
BuddyCalc's First Birthday!!
Valued customers,

This week we celebrate BuddyCalc's first birthday! On January 22, 2012 BuddyCalc appeared in the Apple App Store for the first time.
In the past year we welcomed 1000s of new BuddyCalc FREE/PRO users and we have received a lot of positive feedback.
We have also received suggestions on how to further improve BuddyCalc and are happy to be able to confirm that we have started working on a new version with additional, enhanced functionality.
It is too early to make any commitment on the actual release date, but our target is to submit the new version to the App Store before June 2013.

We hope that in 2013 many more FREE users will eventually make the jump to the PRO version and discover the additional functionality offered by BuddyCalc PRO.
If you are satisfied FREE/PRO user, please do not forget to leave a review in the App store and/or send us your testimonial!

Thank you for using BuddyCalc!

December 20, 2012

November 30, 2012

Our Dutch/Belgian customers celebrate 'Sinterklaas' on 5/6 December!
At BuddyCalc we want to join the party!
BuddyCalc PRO will be on sale for just three days from 4-6 December in the App Store!
Download the App during these 3 days for only 0.89 € (normal: 2.69 €)

November 26, 2012

Enjoy our Special Cyber Monday Deal!
BuddyCalc PRO ($2.99) in Apple App Store for only $0.99!
Only on Cyber Monday (Nov-26-2012)!

November 16, 2012

Visit us tomorrow, Sunday November 18, on Macbeurs in Genk (Belgium):
  • via App-Meet: a presentation of BuddyCalc
  • on a stand in the demo-room: this is the opportunity for individual questions & remarks!
This is the oportuntiy to get to know all the tricks of BuddyCalc!

October 17, 2012 - Release BuddyCalc PRO V1.6

After the release of iOS6, we discovered a problem with BuddyCalc PRO V1.4. We developed V1.5 which was released on Oct 15, 2012.
It turned out that there was a problem on some iOS6 devices with the architecture (arm6/arm7) we used for V1.5, so we had to develop V1.6 in order to solve this issue and asked Apple for an expedited release (fast track) for V1.6.
BuddyCalc PRO V1.6 was released on Oct 17, 2012 and we believe these problems are now solved.
We apologise for any delays between the release of iOS6 and BuddyCalc PRO V1.6 and for any inconvenience caused to all customers using BuddyCalc PRO and who upgraded to iOS6 prior to the release of BuddyCalc PRO compatible with iOS6.
We hope you continue to enjoy BuddyCalc from now on.

October 15, 2012 - Release BuddyCalc FREE V1.4

After the release of iOS6, we discovered a problem with BuddyCalc FREE V1.3. We developed V1.4 which was released on Oct 15, 2012.
We apologise for any delays between the release of iOS6 and BuddyCalc FREE V1.4 and for any inconvenience caused to all customers using BuddyCalc FREE  and who upgraded to iOS6 prior to the release of BuddyCalc FREE compatible with iOS6.
We hope you continue to enjoy using BuddyCalc from now on.

September 5, 2012

The BuddyCalc Team has just launched an ONLINE SURVEY to ask users of BuddyCalc PRO to share their experiences and help defining the NEXT RELEASE!
If YOU are a BuddyCALC PRO user and you did not get our e-mail but still want to participate in the online survey, feel free to ask us for participation (click here).
Please use the e-mail address where you have registered your account with, so we can verify you are a PRO user.
If you have no web account yet, please send us your PRO User App ID which you'll find the the "More/About" section in your App.

Thank you!
The BuddyCalc Team

August 31, 2012

Thank you for your enthousiastic voting for BuddyCalc on WYSTC! Unfortunately, the public voting has been closed by WYSTC.
The winner will be announced on September 21. We are very excited for this result!

August 1, 2012

BuddyCalc is selected for the App Yap Contest 2012: you are invited to vote for BuddyCalc!

The BuddyCalc Team is proud to announce that BuddyCalc FREE has been approved as one of the ten finalists at the App Yap Contest at WYSTC!!
Please support us and VOTE for BuddyCalc!
This can be done easily on the Facebook-page where you arrive after clicking HERE. On this Facebook-page, please click on the green 'Vote Now'-button for BuddyCalc, as illustrated below:

WYSTC 2012 App Yap Contest – VOTE NOW!
In order to be valid, a vote should be done at the latest on August 31, 2012. On this date, the contest winner will be announced!
You can vote every day.
We are all very excited about the results of this contest!

July 13, 2012

BuddyCalc PRO V1.4 at ONLY $0.99!

Our BuddyCalc PRO Summer PROMOTION has been launched!!
To celebrate the release of BuddyCalc PRO version 1.4 the App will be available for only $0.99 until 15 August 2012 (regular price: $2.99)!

Let your Summer Holiday begin well, save $2.00 and download BuddyCalc PRO now! BuddyCalc PRO is the perfect App to manage your travel budget during your summer break!
For BuddyCalc FREE users, this would be a good time to upgrade to BuddyCalc PRO, and start using the extended functionality (see PRO vs. FREE)!

Don't forget to check out our updated User Manual with active links to Video Tutorials!

July 10, 2012

New BuddyCalc PRO version. Let us know what you think!

We have just released BuddyCalc PRO version 1.4 in the App Store!
Please update your app on your iPhone/iPad if you haven't done this already.
In this latest version we have made some improvements to the cost allocation function and we did some final fine-tuning.
Our next step will be to collect all user feedback and use this to create an upgrade for BuddyCalc PRO (version2.x) with lots of new functions.
We are very excited about this and we believe it will greatly benefit you and will also attract new users. So stay with us!
We may actually need your help for this upgrade as we plan to send out a user survey to all registered PRO users by the end of August and ask for you opinion.
Hopefully you'll help us to make this next upgrade a success and fill out the survey for us.
Thank you in advance!

May 9, 2012

As announced a few days ago, some video-clips are worked out, explaining how BuddyCalc works.
Do check out the most recent additions:

Do leave your feedback/(dis)like on Pinterest and/or on YouTube!

May 7, 2012

In order to clearly explain how BuddyCalc works we have prepared some video tutorials on YouTube.
Please check out the first clip in this series:

There are more to come, so stay tuned!

May 7, 2012

To promote BuddyCalc to wider audience we have launched a video-clip on YouTube to attract new customers:

Please check out the clip or make your own when using BuddyCalc!

May 2, 2012

Another mention in a magazine of a motorist service organization!

BuddyCalc is not only mentioned in this month's edition of 'Touring Explorer' (see below, sub May 1), but also in VAB-magazine of the motorist service and travel organization VTB/VAB: see p. 26 of pdf-document!

May 1, 2012

BuddyCalc features in the May edition of  monthly' Touring Explorer' magazine from the Belgian motorist service organization Touring. Click here.

April 26, 2012

Buddycalc now features on the 101bestApps website! Click here to see the review and cast your vote to support us!

April 22, 2012

Feel free to have a look a very enthousiastic press release about BuddyCalc FREE & BuddyCalc PRO published today on!

April 10, 2012

Welcome to all new BuddyCalc PRO users who downloaded BuddyCalc during our Easter promotion from 25 March - 9 April. 
If you are (still) a BuddyCalc FREE user and you like the concept of BuddyCalc, why don't you give BuddyCalc PRO a go? 

March 26, 2012

The BuddyCalc PRO Easter PROMO has started!! 
Enjoy a price DISCOUNT of 67% when you download BuddyCalc PRO between March 25 and April 9 from the Apple App Store.
BuddyCalc PRO can be downloaded-during this time for only $0.99 instead of the regular price of $2.99.
Let your Easter Holiday begin well, save $2.00 and download BuddyCalc PRO now!
For BuddyCalc FREE users*, this would be a good time to upgrade to BuddyCalc PRO
, and start using the extended functionality (see PRO vs. FREE)!
* (FREE users cannot transfer their event from FREE to PRO).

Easter Contest

March 20, 2012

This week we expect to release Version 1.3 of BuddyCalc FREE and BuddyCalc PRO in the App Store. 
The update involves minor improvements and bug fixes. 
However, keep an eye on the App Store as we are planning an exciting new Promotion and Contest for new PRO users starting March 25, 2012!

February 11, 2012

It's always nice to get a good review and constructive feedback!
Since BuddyCalc was released on January 22, 2012 we have introduced two minor updates (current version V1.2).
In the past 4 weeks we have also received some good feedback from our customers in the App Store.
In addition we have also received some constructive criticism that may help us to further develop our App and bring more value to our customers.
We'll keep you informed on these developments in this section of the website!
In the mean time we also start getting some reviews from people who know the App business inside out such as AppDictions.
Please read the review here:
We are happy with the four star rating they gave us but of course our challenge is to get the full five stars when we upgrade our app next!
If you have any suggestions for improvements, want to review our app (professionals) or just write a personal review in the App Store or send us your testimonial via this website, please do not hesitate.
We consider all your comments seriously and if we can't solve some issues today we'll try to take care of them them in future versions.
Thank you!

January 22, 2012

BuddyCalc is born!

Today, on January 22, 2012, the BuddyCalc application is introduced in to the App Store!
We, the developers and designers of Buddycalc, are proud to present our two brand new mobile apps for iPhone and iPad:

With BuddyCalc PRO we would like to become the reference application for apps that handle cost sharing and keeping track of travel expenses! Therefore your feedback is essential for us and we invite you to start using BuddyCalc and let us know what you think of it!
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Allocate cost
  • Create cost categories
  • Join & leave events
  • Store events
  • Synchronize events
  • Personal web account
  • Excel up/download

The FREE or ‘lite’ version will allow you to get familiar with the look and feel of BuddyCalc. The PRO version is the most comprehensive multi-lingual App currently on the market for keeping track of business travel expenses, your family holiday budget or your weekend away with friends. Cost-sharing calculations or travel expenses are done with a push of a button and make complex calculations a thing of the past.

Your reliable tool to keep track of expenses and share costs with others!

Go and Multiply!