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BuddyCalc Intro

What is it?

BuddyCalc is a great iOS App to make complex COST-SHARING calculations EASY. Whenever you are travelling or participating in events or projects with others and cost-sharing is an issue, BuddyCalc is the solution. The App comes in 5 languages and works with mixed multiple currencies.

What does it do?

BuddyCalc accurately keeps track of and calculates the total expense made by each participant and for each cost category. It will split the total cost into amounts receivable and payable per person. The use of multiple currencies is supported in the PRO version. The results can be produced at the end of the project upon closing it, but also at intermediate stages.


Who can use it?

Anybody can use it. Although initially build for leisure activities it is equally useful professionally since the PRO version allows you to define your own cost categories. Whenever you want to keep track of your expenses, even when on your own, BuddyCalc is a useful tool for you.

How does it work?

BuddyCalc allows you to register every expense borne by one of the members of the group for a specific event (the 'project name' ) and during a specific time (start-end dates). It will allow you to allocate this expense to an individual and a cost category. In addition, optionally, you can give it your own description. In the PRO version you can create your own categories. These can be used in one specific project or in all your future projects. The PRO version also allows you to upload up to 99 stored projects to the website. On the website you access your projects using your personal login. The website supports a download of all data to xls(x) or cvs format if you need to analyse the data in detail or just for fun when making statistics about e.g. your holiday expenses. You may want to know how much you spent on petrol, dinners, drinks, and so on. BuddyCalc PRO also supports the use of multiple currencies. For example USD($) and EUR(€) and GBP (£). The exchange rates used in BuddyCalc can either be set by the user or downloaded from the Internet. Although expenses are by default shared by all members of the group, another special feature of BuddyCalc is that expenses can be allocated to just one (or more) specific group members! This may happen, for example, when someone offers the group a bottle of wine for a special occasion.


Is BuddyCalc only available in English?

The iPhone/iPad app BuddyCalc is available in English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French.
The website is only available in English & Dutch. Other languages are planned for the future.

What are the limitations?

You tell us! If you find certain functionality is missing please provide us with feedback so we can improve the app!

App BuddyCalc: iPhone printscreens

As already mentioned earlier, the app is also designed for iPad and iPod touch.
Please click on any small printscreen icon (under bigger printscreen) in order to view a sequel printscreen.